People share photos and videos to remain updated on the current affairs of each other and keep in touch with the activities going on in each other’s lives. The advent of Android technology has provided the people with the many benefits of smartphones with which apps are downloaded to be used for many simple purposes in the daily routine like sharing photos and videos, making free calls to relatives abroad, having weather updates of at least ten different cities and much more. Photo text editor apps that help to write text on pictures or just for some photo caption are also provided in order to make the photos more artistic and creative. Some of the photo text editor apps that facilitate the use of text on photos are mentioned below:

add text to photos


Add Text To Photos

Add text to photos is an amazing app that helps to write text on pictures. Developed by Brilliant Innovators, the photo caption app has an easy to use interface with a variety of fonts to write text on pictures. In addition to adding text and photo captions, you can also place shapes, stickers and photo frames. Customize your pictures with add text to photos and share them with your friends over social media.

PicLab-Photo Editor

The Piclab app is a fully loaded photo text editor and has a variety of features from which the user can benefit and experiment upon. The app has built-in font styles to choose from to write text on pictures and also the font color can be changed to achieve the desired effect the user requires. Also many stickers and templates are available to enhance the image or to simply add photo caption. Many filters are provided to attain perfection in terms of photography to turn the simple image into something without a flaw. Backgrounds can be easily changed to match the photo with this photo text editor. The tint and the opacity of the image to write text on pictures can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement. To give a personal touch to the photo, the user can draw something with hand on the photo or write by using own handwriting something funny or a quote as photo caption. The app is easy to use and high on features.


The photo text editor app is popular among many people and still gaining popularity because of the features being offered. It has a variety of font styles to choose from while adding a quote or text as well as the font color can be changed to adjust with the image’s tint and opacity. In addition to write text on pictures or to add photo caption, you can also rotate an image and see which angle suits the best to the image. Stickers and emojis can also be added to make the simple image look more interesting and worth sharing with friends and family relatives. Many filters can be applied to give the image a professional feel and the backgrounds can also be changed to make the photo seem exceptional. The photo text editor app is user-friendly and full on features which makes it worth downloading.

Photo Captions-Insta Square

The photo text editor app is all about adding photo captions to the image to make it more interesting and creative. A large collection of pre-defined quotes are available for the user’s ease to choose and paste to the image and to write text on pictures. The users can add their own quotes and captions as required through this photo text editor. The major quality of this app is that it adjusts the size of the caption or quote according to the photo. Many filters and artwork is provided by the photo caption app to enhance the photo in every possible way, plus a feature called PIP is also available which places an image inside a photo to make it unique and gives a postcard effect. The photo text editor app is easy to use and is getting popular worldwide.


These write text on pictures apps provide a hassle free way to place text in the form of a caption on images. Instead of worrying about the technical software like Photoshop, you can use these add text to photo apps to customize your pictures.