Appenzeller Sennenhund dog breed

Do you own an Appenzeller Sennenhund dog breed? Or, are you planning to buy one?

Well, then you’re reading the right piece of content as this article tosses around unique characteristics you probably didn’t know about.

That being said, let’s quickly take a dig at Appenzeller Sennenhund dog breed:

A Swiss Breed

Commonly called as Appenzell Cattle Dog and Appenzeller Mountain Dog, it is one of the four age-old Swiss mountain dog breeds. Perhaps, the breed got its name from Swiss herders better called as Sennand Appenzell area of Swiss Alps—a place to which Appenzeller Sennenhund dog breed is native.

A Strong Dog

Just like Entlebucher (its cousins), Bernese Mountain Dog and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, this breed has well-built muscles that makes it a very powerful dog. Though this dog is medium-sized, it is dramatically strong and can easily pull off small carts & trolleys making it a versatile farm dog.

A very hardworking breed, Appenzellers need a good deal of both physical & mental exercise to stay happy and hearty. Besides, it’s a superb herder and protector of livestock.

An Unfussy Eater

Since, the Appenezeller Sennenhund breed is not picky in food; it quickly devours all kind of food that comes in front of this dog. However, you should be cautious that your dog doesn’t over-eat failing which it can become diseased.

An Intelligent Dog

Another factor that sets this dog breed apart from others is that it’s unusually intelligent and can pick up new tasks instantly. Moreover, they’re capable of free thinking and need owners that can show loving and firm leadership, constantly.

If you are submissive or uncertain, this breed can instantly assume the role of pack leader & start trying to rule. Please note that, it can be unsafe considering dog’s size & strength. And, just because of this reason, this breed is not suggested as the right breed for first-time dog owners.

A Low Maintenance Dog

While the Appenezeller Sennenbund breed has a deep double-coat colored black, brown & white, its ears are floppy and high-set. But, its double coat can be looked after quite easily and is somewhat low maintenance when it comes to grooming.

The coat of the dog should be cleaned with a good rubber brush once in two weeks to pull out dead hairs.

A Moody Animal

Immensely affectionate towards kids, this dog breed loves to play with little ones. However, it’s very important for you to be around as dog’s size & strength can sometimes result in unwitting knock over of young ones.

Socialization is another thing that helps dog from becoming overly aggressive or suspicious they might show towards others.

At times they can grow willful and stubborn when not given a strong & consistent relationship. Hence, it’s very important that you set your own set of rules, boundaries & limitations at the earliest in your dog’s life. Besides, you must have a clear understanding of your dog psychology and make sure that your dog views them as pack leader.

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